Competitive pressures, reduced time-to-market, increased demands of customers, and globalization are driving global product companies to explore the offshore route. A reliable offshore partner can play a key role from concept to the launch of the product. Product companies have increased their competitive advantage by partnering with offshore players for product development.

At each stage of the product development cycle (PDLC) we bring people, process and technology expertise to proactively guide you through the challenges of meeting market requirements within budget, speed and accuracy. We collaborate with our customers' right from the conceptualization stage to the application go-live and maintenance stages. We translate market requirements into product requirements, author use cases, create robust architectures, design user-centric interfaces, build prototypes and develop enterprise scale products using the latest Microsoft® .NET framework.

We practice agile development methodologies to help you take advantage of emerging market opportunities. We develop software in time-boxed iterations; each iteration is a discrete project encompassing all the PDLC stages. Our agile software project is capable of releasing standalone working software at the end of each iteration. Our solution architects also help you realize your vision of services based products through implementation of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach. They provide consulting, implementation, and re-engineering of existing product architectures using the SOA framework.

The software products industry depends on bringing new concepts, new versions and new features to the market quickly. At the same time, development costs must be low, predictable, and flexible. We can help you address these daunting and seemingly conflicting requirements for software products.

  • • Robust version design.
  • • Cross-platform architecture.
  • • Wide variety of integration requirements.
  • • Comprehensive packaging.
  • • Support over a range of environments.

We study our customers' unique requirements and even suggest improvements while developing products and solutions. Ideally, products are successful when they meet customer needs. They have to be innovative and offer unique brand value. Making an innovative product requires foresight, incorporating an active plan in tune with the market scenario, competition and other related factors.